30 April 2007

Marian's Links for Ontario Genealogy

Marian Press is one person I always try and find time to listen to when at a conference. Marian, a librarian and lecturer on information literacy at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto, teaches courses on website creation and using the internet as a genealogical information source.

On Saturday Marian gave a lecture for a conference organized by the Ontario Genealogical Society Region V. The handout, with links to web sites of particular interest to folks searching Ontario genealogy, is online here.

Likely you'll find most of these Canadian and Ontario resources on Cyndi's List, which I always suggest as a starting point when venturing into unfamiliar genealogical territory. But you won't find them as easily accessible as on Marian's Links categorized under the topics:

Getting Started; Getting Here; Hatch,Match and Despatch; Death; Census Records; Directories; Where Did They Live Exactly? Going to War; Were They in the News? Finding Your Canadian Ancestors in Books; Keeping Up With What’s New.

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