Sunday, 19 August 2007

Ancestors in the Attic II

History Television Canada started showing a new series of Ancestors in the Attic on Saturday evening. It devoted the full episode to the story of a Toronto woman seeking information on her birth parents in Scotland. Through the adoption file she finds the name of her mother, now deceased, and eventually locates a half-brother and his family. Through an old family friend she discovers that her father was a free-French serviceman. The story nicely illustrated the research interaction between public records, in this instance at the GRO Scotland, and family information sources.

The program retained the same host, visual style and introductory music as previous. A noticeable slowing of the pace compared to the previous series was apparant with fewer quick cuts. And, most welcome, no belittling or flip comments from the host.

The schedule for upcoming presentations is here.

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Ine Gerber said...

Pity, the producers and writers of this segment did not give duly credit to the person that had done the research. The research was performed by an unpaid volunteer who had been asked to lend a hand. Paul Mcgrath took credit for this segment, and the original researcher got little acknowledgement.

I am glad to see they dispersed with the "panel" of genealogist and snide remarks from the overactive presenter.