Friday, 30 November 2007

LAC Service Advisory Board Meeting - 30 November 2007

The first meeting of the Board was held at 395 Wellington Street from 9am to 3:30pm, LAC Assistant Deputy Minister Doug Rimmer was in chair. All but two of the members were present or represented.

All the background documents from the meeting will be posted on the LAC web site, including a list of members along with minutes from the meeting. It was decided that the agenda and documents for future meetings will be posted in advance to facilitate Board members consulting with their constituencies.

The morning agenda comprised introductions, confirming the board mandate, background briefings on LAC and the rationale behind the reduction in opening hours introduced by LAC in September and subsequent reversal of some of the reductions.

The Board's deliberated on the opening hours in the afternoon. Members recommended that earlier opening and later closing be implemented as soon as possible, but were concerned that restoring hours by itself was not sufficient. LAC management undertook to review the policy on use of digital cameras, to make it more flexible, and improved management of the workflow around the "fishbowl" where documents are ordered, received and copies arranged.

There was a commitment to hold an open consultation meeting at 395 Wellington in January.

The next Board meeting will be in late February of early March.

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