05 February 2008

Major expansion at World Vital Records

Malcolm Moody at Archives CD Books Canada informs me that 88 items from their catalog will be appearing on the World Vital Records service. WVR made a major announcement a few days ago that also includes content from findmypast.com and digitized newspaper content which looks suspeciously like that from Cold North Wind.

Times of economic challenge are always good times for takeovers, consolidations and building partnerships. Yahoo being taken over by Microsoft would be just the most high profile current case.

These type arrangements are good for the consumer as long as there is still some competition. Its frustrating to have to manage multiple subscriptions. A danger is duplication in offerring, you find yourself paying twice to get some things just to get a few unique items.

Malcolm says their content is only being licences to WVR so presumably can be withdrawn if the arrangement doesn't work for either party.

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