Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Genealogy TV

In the US, NBC have announced they will be programming a US version of "Who Do You Think You Are." This is reported to be only six shows.

In Canada, CBC has yet to announce whether they will schedule a second WDYTYA series, although late last week the company made announcements on several cancellations, returning and new programs for the fall season .

A message from the Federation of Family History Societies seeks people for a new UK series:

The Great British Body – New Science and Historical show is being produced by ITV, who are looking for people who can trace all of their family lines back at least three generations. This is a programme that aims to inform, entertain and inspire using a combination of science, human stories and history. In particular, ITV are interested in families who can trace their ancestry back at least three generations to perceive what the body inherits genetically and how social and cultural change can affect you. The show aims to audit the British Body and to see how it has developed over the years to eventually culminate in a celebration of the British body, past, present and future and what we represent as a nation. ITV are trying to find people from every county in the UK to come along to their roadshows in Brighton, Birmingham and Newcastle to best see how geographical situation can make a marked difference, as well as more specific reasons that relate to the family themselves. The dates for the roadshows are Saturday 12 April, Newcastle; Sunday 13 April, Brighton; Saturday 19 April, Birmingham. So if 3 out of 4 of your great grandparents were born in the same county as you were Warren Townsend at ITV would like to hear from you, on Tele 020 7157 4732 or email ITV are hoping this will be an interesting experience for the families involved and a chance for them to explore their own ancestry and the way their family has developed.

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