22 May 2008

What's new? Forthcoming genealogy books

Planning on giving a new book to a genealogist in the coming months? Here`s a list of genealogy publications announced on Amazon. The release dates are only carved in electrons. As I once discovered talking to an author and informing him of the release date of his unfinished book, some are more wishful thinking than firm deadlines.

In Search of Our Roots: How 19 Extraordinary African Americans Reclaimed Their Past (Hardcover)

by Henry Louis Jr Gates (Author)
to be released on January 27, 2009.

Scottish Genealogy: Tracing Your Ancestors (Hardcover)
by Bruce Durie (Author)
to be released January 1, 2009.

Where Do You Fit?: Putting Together Your Family History Puzzle (in 4 Easy Pieces) (Paperback)
by Loretto Dennis Szucs (Author), Juliana Szucs Smith (Author)
to be released January 1, 2009

The Oxford Companion to Family and Local History (Hardcover)
by David Hey (Editor)
to be released November 9, 2008

The Online Genealogy Handbook (Paperback)
by Brad Schepp (Author), Debra Schepp (Author)
to be released November 4, 2008

Collins Tracing Your Scottish Family History (Hardcover)
by Anthony Adolph (Author)
to be released 3 November 2008

The Everything Guide to Online Genealogy: A complete resource to using the Web to trace your family history (Paperback)
by Kimberly Powell (Author)
to be released 17 October 2008

Finding Grandad's War (Paperback)
by Jeffery Badger (Author)
to be released 1 October 2008

Secrets of Tracing Your Ancestors (Paperback)
by Daniel Quillen (Author)
to be released 30 September, 2008

The Official Guide to Family Tree Maker 2009 (Paperback)
by Tana Pedersen Lord (Author)
to be released 1 September 2008

A Tree Without Roots: The Guide to Tracing British, African and Asian-Caribbean Ancestry (Paperback)
by Paul Crooks (Author)
to be released 1 September 2008

Collins Tracing Your Family History (Hardcover)
by Anthony Adolph (Author)
to be released 1 September 2008

"Who Do You Think You Are?" Encyclopedia of Genealogy: The Definitive Reference Guide to Tracing Your Family History (Hardcover)
by Nick Barratt (Author)
to be released 1 September 2008

The Grandparent's Book of Shared Memories: Keepsake Album & Genealogy Instruction Book (Hardcover)
by Fred Dubose (Author)
to be released September 2008

The Official Guide to Ancestry.com (Paperback)

by Susan Sherwood Parr (Author)
to be released 1 August 2008

Basics of Genealogy Reference: A Librarian's Guide (Paperback)
by Jack Simpson (Author)
to be released 30 July 2008

Tracing Your Jewish Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians (Paperback)
by Rosemary E. Wenzerul (Author)
to be released 23 July 2008

Finding Your Italian Ancestors: A Beginner's Guide (Paperback)
by Suzanne Russo Adams (Author)
to be released 1 July 2008

For some of these titles there's a description available by searching the title at Amazon.

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