Monday, 21 September 2009

Drouin Collection returns to Ancestry

Following resolution of a dispute between and the Drouin Genealogical Institute the previously available records from Drouin have now reappeared on the Ancestry website.

Drouin had previously asked that the records be withdrawn as Ancestry had failed in its contractual obligation to properly and fully index the database prior to the original publication, a contention that was upheld by a judge in an arbitration hearing. It isn't clear what is doing to remedy its contractual failure.

This news was welcomed at the BIFHSGO conference this past weekend by genealogists with Catholic relatives in Eastern Canada and parts of the US.


Unknown said...

And not only are the Catholics happy about the return of Drouin to Ancestry. The Anglophone Protestants are happy, too. There are many Protestant records contained within Drouin.

I also found this interesting sentence in the "About" wording concerning the collection. Does that mean that the index is at least more complete than it was?

About Quebec Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967

"Names from all years have now been indexed and can be searched on using the search box above."

Unknown said...

I just checked more thoroughly. Alas, it is the same old, imcomplete index. But we should be very happy that Drouin has returned.