11 June 2010

Free access to Findmypast: World Cup Special

An interesting announcement of a very limited time offer from Findmypast. The first England game is Saturday against the USA. We all know who we want to win don't we!


The World Cup is now upon us and we thought it would only be fair to provide some entertainment for any non-football fans out there:

Whenever England play a match, you'll be able to access all our records for free!*

What you need to know about this fantastic offer:

- When England play, you don't pay: 30 minutes before each England game kicks off, all the records on findmypast.co.uk will be free to view for 3 hours

- You can view original images and transcriptions of all our records for free including birth, marriage and death records 1538-2006, census records including the 1911 census and our Chelsea Pensioners British Army Service Records 1760-1913 - to name just a few

- Normally you would need a subscription or PayAsYouGo credits to view our records - some of which normally cost 30 credits each - so to be able to see them for free is a rare opportunity

- Keep an eye on our blog for a competition question to enter during each England match. You'll need to answer all the questions correctly for a chance to win, so make sure you don't miss any. The prize is a goodie bag containing a digital camera, vouchers for a year's Full subscription plus much more

All you need to do to make use of this unique offer is register on findmypast.co.uk as you'll need to sign in to view the records. Visit our World Cup page for more information.

If you need a helping hand with your research, take a look at our video tutorials or our Getting Started page which provide clear advice on how to use our records.

We'd love to hear about any discoveries you make while our records are free to view - post anything you'd like to share with us and our readers on our Facebook page.

Please pass this on to friends, family or anyone else you think might want to make the most of our free family history records.

*All records available using our Full subscription (including the 1911 Census) will be free: Living Relatives searches and Memorial scrolls are not included.


Anonymous said...

Unsurprisingly, the server was completely over-run - couldn't get as much as a peek. This is from someone who is a long-term credit customer ;)

Persephone said...

Three hours and I managed to see ten records, three of which were relevant. That averages a little less than twenty minutes per search. Many, many times I ran the gauntlet of various blocks, only to find the record page was blank! Judging from the disgruntled messages coming into FMP's Facebook page and at its blog, I did extremely well...

I had an FMP subscription for a year a while back, but did not renew it -- for much the same reasons. It was far more of an insult to have paid the money and be constantly logged off the site.