Monday, 4 October 2010

There's a new free Canadian genealogy search site

It seems there is no unique data at the site, rather it consolidates searching many sites using one form. The site has banner ads. According to the site registration it is Ottawa-area based. Being new there are no usage statistics.

The individual databases referenced are:


Pat Jeffs said...

That counter makes the whole website look dodgy, the way it keeps on flashing. Even if the website builder is straight, he/she may have been scammed.

jgriffin316 said...

Hi Pat,

I am one of the developers on The site is legitimate even if it does look "dodgy." The Website is part of an effort to provide a consolidated view of Canadian genealogical data. A "one stop shop" if you will, for people researching their Canadian roots.

As developer of, I would welcome any constructive comments you have to offer as well as any requests for additional functionality you think would be useful to the community as a whole. As was pointed out, we have just started and so this is a good time to get your comments in :)

If you want to talk about this a bit more feel free to email me at jgriffin316 at gmail dot com.

BTW, what do you mean by "flashing"? Was it the site as a whole or just the banner ads? We are trying to use banner ads to keep this thing from burning to deep a hole in our pockets but if enough people find them annoying I'll see what we can do to tone them down.