Wednesday, 27 October 2010

London Roots Research

There's a new UK blog on the scene. London Roots Research by Rosemary Morgan has just six posts to date – it was only created in September.

The most recent post, London Parish Records Uncovered: Part One has worthwhile ideas for sources you might look at if the online collection from the London Metropolitan archives, available via Ancestry, comes up empty for your ancestor.

The topic of London gives me the opportunity to mention that BIFHSGO is working on a theme of London family history as the topic for its 2011 full conference. You can be sure there will be more coming on that soon and over the next few months.

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Persephone said...

Oh, be still, my beating heart! London?? That would be fabulous! I had to give this year's conference a miss because none of the workshops particularly applied to my research, (I'm woefully un-Irish and but a first-generation Canadian) but the Scottish theme one last year was a treat. Ooooh...London... I can hardly wait... *Wipes chin*