Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Vancouver Voters, 1886

During my recent trip to the West Coast the British Columbia Genealogical Society gave me a copy of a major publication Vancouver Voters, 1886: a biographical dictionary produced by the BCGS. Published in 1994 it is the result of a project begun to commemorate the centennial of the city of Vancouver. The project was on the families of the first voters in Vancouver and contains genealogical and limited biographical information on each of 528 persons listed, many of British origin.

It's a large volume, 900 pages and weighs 5 pounds. I am donating the book to the BIFHSGO library at the city of Ottawa Archives.

The surnames in the book are:
Abbott, Abrams, Abray, Agassiz, Aird, Alcock, Alexander, Allan, Allen, Angus, Arkell, Authier, Ayer, Aylwin,
Bailey, Baker, Baldwin, Balfour, Ballinger, Ballson, Barker, Barnard, Barnes, Barron, Batts, Beasley, Beaton, Beavis, Beckingsale, Belanger, Bell, Bell–Irving, Beloud, Black, Blair, Blake, Btyth, Bodwell, Boechlofsky, Boucher, Boultbee, Bowron, Boyd, Bradley, Brennan, Brewer, Brighouse, Britton, Brown, Bruns, Budlong, Bullman, Burgess, Burnett, Busk, Butler,Byrnes,
Callister, Campbell, Card, Carey, Cargill, Carlisle,Carmichael, Carnahan, Carr, Carter, Cartier, Cartwright, Chambers, Charleson, Chase, Chisholm, Claire, Clendening, Clark, Clarkson, Clayton, Clements, Clute, Coddington, Coffer, Coldwell, Collier, Condell, Cook, Coupeau, Carbould, Cordiner, Cosgrove, Costello, Coughtrey, Couth, Cox, Crandall, Crasswell, Crichton, Cross, Crys
Davis, Day, Deane, Dearden, Deighton, Desautels, Desjardines, Divine, Devlin, D'Herbomez, Doering, Donohoe, Dougall, Douglas, Draper, Duffy, Dufour, Dunlap, Dunn, Dunsmuir, DuPont
Eberts, Edelen, Edmonds, Edson, Eligh, Elliott, Evans
Fairon, Favor, Ferguson, Fernham, Finney, Fisher, Fleming, Fooks, Forbes, Fraser, Frederick, Freney, Frost, Fuller, Funge, Furry, Fynes-Clinton
Gannon, Garvin, Gemmell, Gerrard, Giles, Gillis, Gilmour, Goepel, Goggins, Gold, Gordon, Goodmurphy, Goulding, Graham, Grant, Graveley, Gray, Green, Grellick, Griffith, Gun
Hailstone, Hale, Hall, Hamilton, Hanafin, Hannington, Hargr(e)aves, Harmes, Harris, Harrison, Hart, Hartney, Hawkins, Hayden, Hayes, Hayson, Heaghney, Heatley, Hemlow, Hickey, Hill, Hinney, Hirshberg, Hodgson, Hoggan, Holman, Horne, Humphries, Huntley, Huson
Innes, Irving
Jamieson, Jackson, Janes, Johnson, Johnston, Jones
Keddy, Keefer, Keith, Kemp, Kennedy, Kent, Kenworthy, Kerr, Kinney, Kurtz
Lamont, Landreth, Larson, Lemay, Leask, Lefevre, Levy, Lewis, Lipsset, Lockerby, Lockheed, Lovell, Low, Lowney, Lurton, Lyne
Macey, Mack, Mahon, Major, Malee, Mannion, Mara, Marks, Martin, Mashiter, Mason, Mathews, Mathison, Menzies, Mercer, Merrill, Miller, Milne, Mitchell, Mizony, Mole, Morrison, Morton, Mosher, Mouat, Mowat, Muir, Mulligan, Munro, Munroe, Mutrie
McArthur, McAskill, McCartney, McColl, McCoskerry, McCraney, McCrimmon, McCutcheon, McDonald, McDougall, McDowell, McEwen, McFarland, McFeely, McGhie, McGillivray, McGregor, McGuigan, McIlroy, McIntosh, McKendry, McKenzie, McLaren, McLean, McLennan, McLuckie, McMillan, McNair, McNaughton, McPhee, McPherson, McRae, McWhinnie
Neelands, Nielsen, Nesbett, Newlands, Nicholson, Northcott
Ogle, Oldfield, Oppenheimer, O'Reilly, Oscar, Otton, Ouderkirk
Palmer, Pearsall, Pearson, Peck, Pedgrift, Pemberton, Percival, Perry, Piggott, Pither, Pitt, Plante, Pleace, Port, Powell, Power, Powis, Price,.Prevot, Pyatt
Quackenbush, Quann, Queen
Ralston, Rand, Rankin, Rees, Reesor, Reid, Reosbeck, Rideout, Ripstein, Roberts, Robertson, Robichan, Robinson, Robson, Rogers, Romang, Rooney, Rosner, Ross, Rothschild, Rowlands, Rowling, Ruckle
Sanders, Schetky, Scoullar, Schyttner, Scuitto, Secord, Shaw, Sehl, Shupe, Simpson, Sinclair, Slater, Smith, Smithe, Snowden, Somes, Sorbin, Sorby, Soule, Spalding, Sperber, Spinks, Spooner, Spring, Sprat, Springer, Stanton, Steele, Stephen, Stephenson, Sterling, Stewart, Strathie, Struthers, Stuart, Sullivan, Summers, Sweeney, Swift, Sylvain
Tait, Talcott, Tardill, Tatlow, Templeman, Templeton, Ternan, Thompson, Thomson, Thornton, Tift, Tilley, Tottie, Todd, Turnbull, Turner
Vair, Vernon
Ware, Watson, Webster, Wells, West, Wett, Weyand, Whipple, Whiteway, Whitney, Widen, Wilson, Winters, Wood, Wrede, Wright, Wynne

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