Friday, 5 November 2010

Online Dublin Graveyards Directory

A new edition of the Dublin Graveyards Directory, researched and edited by John Grenham for publication by Dublin City Library & Archive, is now online at

The Directory covers all graveyards in the Dublin area (i.e. Dublin City; Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown; Fingal; and South Dublin) and gives information on:

  1. The location of graveyards
  2. Contact details for those in charge of graveyards
  3. Titles of published gravestone transcripts (available in most research libraries)
  4. Links to on-line gravestone transcripts
  5. Location of surviving burial records
  6. Other information of interest about the graveyard.
Unfortunately it does not include information on MIs or burial records for individuals, .

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DWP said...

I nearly had a heart attack trying to understand what role myocardial infarctions (MI's) played in Dublin graveyards, but then I wrote this:

What are "MIs"?
Answer: "Monumental Inscriptions"
Comment: Not found in Encylopedia of Genealogy on Dick Eastman's site,-,
but apparently more common in GB.

Sometimes MI is said to stand for "Monument Inscriptions" which is more suitable than "MonumentAL Inscriptions", because many inscriptions are not monumental in the common meaning of the word.

A more general explanation of "MI" is the following, copied without permission from RootsWeb:

Subject: Re: Please, what are MI's
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 13:54:54 EDT

G'Day Nancy: MI's=Monumental inscriptions, headstone writings. Books done by
indiviuals [sic], genealogy societies, etc., sometimes with descriptions the grave
yards, church, location a wealth of information which you may not be able to
find in the OPR's. Cheers Jani"