Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Poppy Paranoia

CBC News is reporting that The Royal Canadian Legion has told an Ottawa-based internet news site to stop using its poppy image to commemorate Remembrance Day. Read more at

To me that is most regrettably short sighted. It would seem that to mark the day online one needs to go further afield, Fortunately the British Legion is not so myopic, and using their image is a reminder of the large number of CEF servicemen who originated in the UK.


M.C. Moran said...

Is the Canadian Legion claiming to hold a trademark to any Remembrance Day-related image of a poppy? Or just to any image/representation of its own version of the poppy? It's not really clear from the article. In any case, it does seem shortsighted. Why create ill will over something that you want the public to continue to support?

Brenda said...

" ... reduce the flower's value as a symbol of war remembrance."(?!) Gee, I'm glad I and my children over a week ago had each found our own versions of poppies--for social networking--as the powerful symbol of remembrance.

Mike More said...

I suspect that the Legion is reacting to the "Peace Movement's" use of the White Poppy.