Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Framing Canada

There's a new and improved online photographic exhibit online from Library and Archives. Featuring photographs from various public and private collections, Framing Canada: A Photographic Memory presents a searchable database of digitized photographic images from 1843 to the mid-20th century.

As the PR blurb says "these images tell the fascinating and ever-changing story of how Canadians see themselves and their world" although ts worth remembering its actually "how photographers depicted Canadians and their world." The online collection appears to have been augmented with many more digitized images, thematic presentations, and a flash introduction that I've bypassed in the link above.

This image from the collection is of William C Little from the William James Topley Collection. Little was a member of Parliament and immigrant to Canada from England in the 1850s. For more on Little, including his great-grandson, impersonator Rich Little, see my article coming soon in the August issue of the Ontario Genealogical Society publication Families. The article stresses use of a diverse range of online sources.

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