Thursday, 7 December 2006

Anglo-Celtic Roots - December 2006

One of the advantages of being on the Board of BIFHSGO is getting the quarterly chronicle early. It's distributed at the Monday evening Board meeting, you don't have to wait until the Saturday monthly general membership meeting.

In addition to the regular columns and features the new issue includes a first, a pair of articles by Tad and Terry Findley - a married couple. They explore Tad's maternal line, which becomes quite an international tour. Written in the first person the articles well conveys the sense of discovery you get as the chase takes unanticipated turns - from Trinidad to England, Scotland, Ireland, the US, Canada and Venezuela.

Also in this issue is part nine of Patricia Roberts-Pichette's series on Middlemore Homes, this one describing the early history in Nova Scotia. A shorter item by Caroline Herbert reports on the trip she and Patricia took last September to a Middlemore Home Children reunion in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

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