Monday, 4 December 2006

Ryan Taylor and Ancestors in the Attic

Last Saturday, 2 December, there was a memorial service for well know Canadian genealogist Ryan Taylor. A large number of family, friends and colleagues from as far away as the Allen County Public Library crowded into a room at the University of Toronto to remember Ryan. His brother related stories from his earliest days; former colleagues spoke of his contributions, and also his more arcane interests including Queen Alexandria. All were sad to lose someone who gave so much, and could have contributed so much more had he lived.

You can read a collection of Ryan's short articles at the Global Genealogy web site:

At the reception after the service it was good to talk to some of the folks Ryan was acquainted with from Ancestors in the Attic. I was surprised to learn that comments on the episodes in this blog are being read by them. I hope the opinions expressed on violations of good genealogical research technique, especially cavalier use of the IGI documented in previous posts, will be heeded.

The program appears to be attracting good advertising. Some of that revenue should be returned to improve the research, and so the educational value of the product.

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