28 February 2007

Your Family Tree Free Trial Issue

I recommend checking out the free 20 page trial issue of Your Family Tree Magazine. The contents include:

1 - Interview your relatives - beginner's advice on making the most of an afternoon with your great aunt

2 - My great-uncle's memory - how reader John Stephenson researched his great-uncle's WWI death, and got the man the commemoration he deserved

3 - Image from the past - expert Audrey Linkman analyses a photo of a man in a bowler hat, posing with a child and a racing dog

4 - Family history detective: Prison records - how to research ancestors on the other side of the law...

5 - Website guide - using Ancestry.co.uk's family tree building tools.

YFT, which appears with a cover name Your Family History in Canada, is one of the few magazines to which I subscribe. It's well worth browsing.

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