01 March 2007

Genealogy in Wales

March 1st is St David's Day. The patron saint of Wales gets scant attention, and the Welsh get little notice in genealogy as many of the records are part of the English system. Wales being relatively small, fewer people emigrated to form a sizable diaspora. Welsh expats are none the less proud of their heritage, especially when it comes to music.

For those searching for Welsh records beyond the English system a good web resource is the National Library of Wales. The site is bilingual Welsh and English. Check out:

The Crime and Punishment database comprises data about crimes, criminals and punishments included in the gaol files of the Court of Great Sessions in Wales from 1730 until its abolition in 1830.
The Digital Mirror which gives access to collections of Welsh Biography, Pictures, Manuscripts, Exhibitions, Archives, Maps, Printed Material, and Photographs. Go to Sound and Video to download an mp3 of the first recording of the Welsh national anthem made 11 March 1899. It's scratchy, a very different rendition from the more familiar versions by mass choirs or rugby crowds.

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