Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Canadian Digital Information Strategy

Yesterday one of this blog's regular readers passed along information on a draft strategy, in the form of a copy of a letter to LAC. Today there was a posting about the strategy on the Ten Thousand Year Blog, one I monitor regularly. Although the development of the strategy is being led by LAC there is nothing about it on their web site, not yet anyway.

Perhaps LAC has a new communication strategy that relies on bloggers!

Or perhaps LAC is looking to bury it.

UPDATE: As of 2pm a notice was posted here.

The document describes itself as 'a call to action' and ‘a hymn book from which we can all begin to sing’. It's full of mush like ... Canada can be a leader ... even though a substantial part of the document shows how Canada is a laggard. Most would be appropriate to any country if you replaced Canada and Canadians by the appropriate words.

There seems to be a scratching around for substance when they ask 'As you review this draft, we ask you to consider how to advance its implementation and to suggest concrete follow-up steps that will ensure that the Strategy is acted upon.' They desperately need client input, which is notably absent, and ask for it by 22 November.

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