Friday, 5 October 2007

CGC web site updated

The updated Canadian Genealogy Centre web site is now online. Here are the old and new pages together. At last the old Mission/Vision/Policy content, so beloved of policy wonks, is off the front page in favour of content useful to genealogists. That's something I've advocated for months -- I'll have to find something else to "suggest." The motivation must be the imminent CBC TV series, Who Do You Think You Are? that features prominently in the left hand column. Whatever the reason, its an improvement to have lost all that verbiage, and to have it replaced with links.

You will notice a few changes in the blue banner at the top, designed to make the content more apparent to the average citizen. For the most part the content beyond the link will be familiar to previous users.

The title "Databases" is gone, replaced by "Search for Ancestors." The link leads to a federated (meaning combined) search of 18 LAC databases. The search only works on names. If you want a more nuanced search scroll down the page where the familiar individual databases are arrayed.

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