17 January 2008

Date for LAC consultation meeting

People who wrote to Library and Archives Canada (LAC) to express concern over the change in hours of service that were introduced in September 2007 should have now received a follow-up email. Antonio Lechasseur, LAC Director, Client Services Division, wrote to invite participation in a new public consultation process.

The first open public consultation is now scheduled for the afternoon and evening of Tuesday 26 February 2008 in Ottawa. This is later than originally planned; better late than never. The agenda and other background documents will be posted on the LAC website and made available at the meeting.

For those not able to attend the meeting it will be possible to comment on the documents by e-mail.


M. Diane Rogers said...

Interesting... I did receive an e-mail reply from LAC 15th January, 2008 concerning my 19th of December, 2007 query regarding plans for the January public consultation.

No mention of e-mail comments for this meeting was made and no date for the meeting was given either -just "near the end of February". And even today still nothing on the website?

WJM said...

Antonio Lechasseur wrote to whom?

Not meem.