18 January 2008

Get ahead with your family history

Here's a heads-up about a not-to-be-missed opportunity if you're having trouble making headway on your family history. It's also the perfect gift for the genealogist looking for a headline for the next family newsletter.

What would be better than a photograph of your famous ancestor or cousin? A company in Norfolk is giving you the opportunity to take your genealogy to the next dimension.

Prince Charles, Bob Hope, JR Ewing, Jackie Stewart, Gordon Richards, Derek Jameson, Harry Secombe, Shirley Bassey, Kevin Keegan, Harvey Smith, Starsky and Hutch, Tom Jones, Larry Grayson, Prince Edward, Prince Andrew, Diana Dors, Ted Heath and Barry Manilow. How about rock star Adam Ant, soccer player George Best, former prime minister Harold Macmillan and ex-US president Jimmy Carter?

Their disembodied heads are among 70 going under the hammer at Keys fine art auctioneers in Aylsham, Norfolk, on February 12 and 13 for between £50 and £80 each.

They are the latest victims of a clear out at Great Yarmouth's House of Wax Museum, celebrities on the wane, beyond their best before date or whose wax heads needed updating.

Be the successful bidder and head for home with a unique addition to any family room that would be bound to send the family head-over-heels with excitement ... or have you heading for the door.

Read the full story from the Eastern Daily Press, under the headline "Hammer goes down on famous heads."

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