08 June 2008

Getting started with the new Legacy 7.0

I upgraded my previous version to Legacy Family Tree 7.0 as soon as it became available. The download and installation went smoothly on both my Windows XP and Vista systems, with an extra step for Vista.

Unfortunately you can only import files from Family Tree Maker using GEDCOM, meaning all the images and other multimedia material in my main family file did not transfer. There were quite a few diagnostic warnings regarding the transfer but none seemed critical.

The mapping capability was one reason I had decided to give Legacy a try. To use it you need to download files for different world regions, and this takes a while for the large regions. Then you geocode the locations in your database against this file.

That's where it got frustrating. Bradwell, Norfolk, England wasn't recognized and there seems to be no way to add a location to the master database. The Province of Algarve in Portugal was not recognized, instead it was termed Faro which is the Province's capital. Carmarthenshire was not recognized and even when I changed it to Carmarthen it would not geocode. As a result several of the places that should have been plotted did not appear. Also the icon to pinpoint the locations is rather off, it seems as though it's centred over the location rather then pointing to it.

Seems like I'm just starting up the learning curve.

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