14 June 2008

Grey County Tweedmuir histories online

I've written before about the Tweedmuir histories, and included a link to information about them.

Now a group of Women's Institutes from Ontario's Grey County have shown leadership by placing several local volumes online. Handwritten pages aren't searchable, and others were typed on a manual typewriter so the electronic copies leave a bit to be desired as searchable pdfs as the sample below shows.

6 CELTJ11L W. I. HALL 1'ifty :cears ao the only place available to hold meetings or gatherings outside ol' in the homes of the members,was the Orange Hall, a stone building in what was known a.s Lower Town, or the north portion of the village. Foliowirg Church Union in 1925, the Women's Institute bought the former Methodist Church in partnership with the Cedarville Loyal Orange Lodge to be used for meetings, gatherings, etc. ,l955, we had the Grand Opening of the newly decorated Women's ...

Nevertheless, by searching I was able to find an entry for the family of someone who emigrated in 1930 from my home town in England. It's worth a try.

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