13 August 2008

Archives of Ontario user survey

The Archives of Ontario has commissioned a survey of their clients from Ipsos Reid. If you're a regular client be sure to take a few minutes to provide feedback. If, like me, you've never visited their facility in Toronto you can still express your views as an occasional remote user.

My own response deplored the poor service for those outside the GTA owing to a lack of any regional outlets, such as provided by the Archives in Quebec.

The AO web site is also notable for the relative lack of digitized records which exacerbates the service problems for those who cannot conveniently visit the physical site.

A tip of the hat to Lesley Anderson for drawing this to my attention.

1 comment:

JohnC said...

I wholeheartedly agree with your points on shortcomings with the AO and echoed these in filling out their survey. I really like the researcher nomination process for candidates for digitization that you mention elsewhere in your blog and made this point as well.