03 August 2008

McGill University Digital Collection

As an alumnus of McGill University I couldn't let the last posting on the University of Toronto stand alone.

The McGill Canadian County Atlas Project is one that is well known in the genealogical community, but there's lots more in the online from McGill's Digital Program, managed by the Rare Books and Special Collections Division of the McLennan Library.

The image is by A J Casson from the Canadian War Poster Collection.

The Canadian Architect and Builder was published between 1888 and 1908, the only professional architectural journal published in Canada before World War I. Searching the full text I found reference to the Ottawa Northwood family.

Another Ottawa-related holding is the Fredrick Taylor Archive. He was born in Ottawa to parents Florence Magee and Plunkett Bourchier Taylor, a member of the Ottawa Company of Sharpshooters during the 1885 North West Rebellion. An older brother, E.P.Taylor, became one of Canada's leading industrialists.

Quite a bit of the material is indexes or bibliographic rather than full text (or image) digitization.

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