Saturday, 15 November 2008

Family History Library Favorites

One of the websites new to me from the London in Toronto conference last Saturday, drawn to my attention by Phillip Dunn from, was It's a collection of resource bookmarks for genealogy.

I was a bit turned off at first as the main page was full of instructions about how to use it with Internet Explorer, and I use Firefox.

Clicking on Link to Individual Bookmarks files however brings up a panel that starts you on the road to pay dirt.

The categories are:

British Bookmarks.htm
Canada & USA Bookmarks.htm
International Bookmarks.htm
News Bookmarks.htm
Search Engines Bookmarks.htm
World Bookmarks.htm

The organization is a bit odd with British Bookmarks including Australia, Europe, India, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, South Africa and West Indies, but not Canada. Perhaps its the world as seen from Utah!

Drilling down further for England leads to a categorization by county. For Norfolk there are categories for: Archives & libraries; Cemeteries; Census; Church records; Directories; Genealogy; Land & property; Manor records; Military records; Occupations; Probate records; Taxation; Visitations. Many of the census and church links are to parish level data.

The main page makes clear it's not an official Family History Library, or FamilySearch site. The website is registered to Stephen Bobowski in S Jordan, Utah. A Google search indicates he's involved with FamilySearch Wiki.

Although a bit idiosyncratic you could do worse than spend an hour on a rainy November day exploring this rich site.

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