Monday, 17 November 2008

LAC consultation

Much earlier this year Library and Archives Canada held two open consultation sessions, afternoon and evening. Any client could come and express views on LAC abd its operations. It was a welcome initiative but hasn't been repeated. Why not?

Part of the reason may be that it was quite costly, including the need for simultaneous translation. Also, some people are reluctant to speak in a public forum.

So, would LAC consider borrowing an idea from The (UK) National Archives, a much less costly 'meet the Chief Executive' day? Here's the announcement from their website.

"On Tuesday 18 November, Natalie Ceeney will be holding surgeries in each of the main reading rooms. This is your chance to put your views or questions about the management and future direction of The National Archives directly to her.

The surgeries will be held on a first-come, first-served basis - no advance booking needed."

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