Thursday, 20 June 2019

Additions to Findmypast this week

Lancashire Baptisms
Over 31,000 additional records, transcripts and images covering the parishes of:
Edge Hill, St Nathaniel -1869 to 1918
Liverpool, St John - 1785 to 1898
Liverpool, St Silas, Pembroke Place - 1841 to 1918
Liverpool, St Stephen the Martyr – 1851 to 1918
Newburgh, Christ Church – 1860 to 1917
Seaforth, St Thomas - 1839 to 1918
Stoneycroft, St Paul – 1916 to 1918
Toxteth Park, St Bede – 1882 to 1918

Lancashire Marriages & Banns
A further 179,000 records have also been added for:
Edge Hill, St Nathaniel - 1871 to 1943
Everton, Emmanuel – 1835 to 1943
Liverpool, St John – 1785 to 1898
Liverpool, St Stephenn the Martyr – 1852 to 1943
Seaforth, St Thomas – 1870 to 1943
Stoneycroft, St Paul - 1916 to 1943
Toxteth Park, St Bede – 1887 to 1943

Lancashire Burials
Over 54,000 new records, transcripts and images from the central Liverpool Parish of St John. These new records span the years 1767 to 1883.

Scotland, Darien Scheme Investors 1696
Explore the records of investors in The Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies, also called the Scottish Darien Company. It was funded by investments from people across Scotland. These transcripts will provide you with information on those who invested money and their representatives.

The Darien scheme was an unsuccessful attempt by the Kingdom of Scotland to establish a colony called "Caledonia" in Panama in the late 1690s. Opposed by commercial interests from England, the company of Scotland raised subscriptions for the scheme in Amsterdam, Hamburg, and London. English investors soon raised their share but withdrew their money after King William and the English Parliament turned against the venture. However, by August 1696 the Scottish investors raised £400,000 themselves.

As the scheme was backed by approximately 20% of all the money circulating in the country at the time, its failure left the entire Lowlands in substantial financial ruin and was an important factor in weakening Scottish resistance to the Act of Union. In July 1699, the colony was abandoned due to inadequate provisions, the unfamiliar hot and humid climate had caused fever to spread, and many settlers died. Of the 1,200 settlers, only 300 survived.

United States Obituary Notices
5.7 million new records obtained from the and websites.

International Records Update – Iceland
Over 287,000 baptism and marriage records,  indexes for the years 1730 to 1920.


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