Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Look for AncestryDNA Updates

Ancestry frequently updates ethnicity estimates. They're doing it again, and providing more spatial resolution — Ancestry Communities. Check your results to see if there's been an update. According to this AncestryDNA blog post over 225 new AncestryDNA communities, including more than 120 relating to Canada, are added.

What might you expect? As they say "your mileage may vary."

The major change to my ethnicity percentages has England, Wales & Northwestern Europe increasing from 19% previously to 44%. There's an error band on the present estimate of 44%—57%. The gain comes with the elimination of 11% for Europe West, 4% for Caucasus, 1% for Europe East, >1% for Iberian Peninsula and, a change from 11% Scandinavia to 3% Norway. Changes to other area are within the error ranges.

The greater spatial resolution shows ancestry in the overlapping areas East Midlands & the Potteries and The Potteries. Those both include the birthplace of a great-grandfather. My other seven great-grandparents origins are within broader areas identified.

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Robert R. Halfyard said...

I received the message, but could see no change. My paternal side all came to Newfoundland, and they are shown, but there is still little on my maternal side 3/4 from Ireland and 1/4 from Cornwall. One of the reasons I did my DNA was to determine if my paternal grandfather's family were Palatine, but so far, no proof that they were.