Friday, 2 May 2014

OGS conference Day 1

I woke early and drove to Brock University with Lesley Anderson, Tony Bandy and Glenn Wright. After wandering the halls of the university we finally found registration, then off to find the room where I was giving a pre-conference workshop on autosomal DNA. Lots of interaction and folks enjoyed the simulation exercise with playing cards to explore the variability of autosomal DNA inheritance.
Managed to meet all the members of the Saturday morning social media panel, Tony Bandy, Daniel Horowitz, Chris Paton and Marian Press - except Kirsty Grey yet to arrive.
After lunch wandered the marketplace before returning to rest for the evening session.


Kirsty Gray said...

I am here now, John! Good to see you all this evening and looking forward to our Social Media Panel tomorrow morning.


Patricia Dever said...

Good morning down there! ��☕️