Sunday, 11 May 2014

231 ... success

Congratulations to the two people who guessed that more than 225 people would attend Saturday's BIFHSGO monthly meeting. The count of 231 was another record for the society monthly meetings.
This image, taken from near the back of the auditorium at the start of James F S Thomson's "before BIFHSGO" educational presentation shows one of the reasons for the success. The screen is large. Also the speaker can be seen on the raised platform.
Nothing can substitute for quality presentations, amply demonstrated by James and his colleague Elizabeth Kaegi who for the feature presentation told an amazing story of research perseverance and success which would not have been possible without DNA evidence. Neither would it have been possible without traditional records familiar to the genealogical researcher.


Lynne Willoughby said...

It was an excellent presentation. We are so lucky to have such amazing speakers thanks to the leadership in BIFHSGO. Kudos

Susan said...

As an out of town member, it makes me feel like I need a little"pied de terre" in Ottawa.