Thursday, 1 May 2014

Lost on the new OGS website?

Just in time for the OGS conference, a new website is now in place for the Ontario Genealogical Society.
Elizabeth Lapointe comments on Facebook that "it is poorly organized, and has lost its focus - Ontario genealogy."

It may have been implemented a bit too hastily. I went looking for a link to the various branches but couldn't find one. Checking the sitemap I found it but there was no obvious link.
Then in mousing around I found a hidden set of drop-down menus just above the three images and all was revealed. With the menu made visible I think Elizabeth's concerns will be addressed.


Mike More said...

John, the menus are clearly visible on my screen. Have you cleared your cache since visiting the old site? And Elizabeth complained about the Save Library & Archives icon which takes me to the website of Canadian Association of University Teachers: Save Library and Archives Canada which I would think would be important to any genealogist.

Anonymous said...

What browser are you using? As of April 8 internet explorer is no longer supported, see here. It is recommended that you use one of these

JDR said...

I use the chrome browser, and the missing info now appears.