Thursday, 1 May 2014

West Yorkshire Prison, Police and Reformatory on Ancestry

West Yorkshire, England, Prison Records, 1801-1914 are indexed images of 336,448 records for Wakefield prison which served all of West Yorkshire.
West Yorkshire, England, Police Records, 1833-1914 are indexed images of 32,666 records for police employees of Bradford (city), Halifax (borough), Huddersfield (borough), Leeds (city), Wakefield (city) and West Riding (county subdivision). The collection includes a wide variety of registers that recorded appointments of regular and special constables, promotions, disciplinary actions, transfers, lists of applicants, injuries sustained in the line of duty, and physical descriptions. In some cases, the records list the marital status, names of spouses, and birth dates and places.
West Yorkshire, England, Reformatory School Records, 1856-1914 has 9,093 entries, the later ones very complete with photos, addresses, parents and even relatives mentioned.

Also released by Ancestry is a small collection, 2,665 records, of West Yorkshire, England, Militia, 1779-1826

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