Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Is there a WDYTYA message?

So far in this season of the US WDYTYA series there have been two episodes with US murderer ancestors. Last night featured Canadian sisters with a British footman and Loyalist ancestors; no murder. Is someone, perhaps inadvertently, making a point about the relative homicide rates?


Mike More said...

I missed the murder connections but it was nice to see the City of Ottawa Archive featured. I was not aware that it held such a great collection of Loyalist information, although I knew that the Sir Guy Carleton Branch of the UELAC was one of the partners in teh City Archives.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about the message but I was surprised to see an American Historian in the City of Ottawa Archives showing a record that came from the Haldimand papers which I believe are in LAC! For the folks that read comments, Ancestry has digitized the War Office Records in LAC that will help with British military in Canada (pre-confederation) and the Audit Office 12 and 13 as well as the Loyalist Claims on

JDR said...

Understandably the WDYTYA producers favour known quantities in their on-air experts, extra points for those associated with a university as it adds credibility, and interesting locations.
The British segment, showing a marriage certificate issued in January 2014, was filmed after the Canadian which appeared to have been filmed last fall, the reversed order in which they were presented.