Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Blogging Ottawa's built heritage

Interested in Ottawa history with an emphasis on built heritage? Casting around for information on the Ottawa Public Library I came across urbsite.blogspot.ca with well over 250 substantial blog posts.

The latest, GEORGE BEMI'S PUBLIC LIBRARY: IS IT REALLY A BRUTE? quotes from an Ottawa Journal, January 11, 1974 editorial Hail the new library.
Did you know that six years after the building was opened the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada bestowed an Award of Merit on the Ottawa Public Library. 
After the reviewing some of George Bemi's other buildings in Ottawa the post in lamenting destruction of the former Carnegie library asks sbout the present library"should we be seeking a more thoughtful solution?"

One of the other posts has a collection of old maps of Ottawa including the one reproduced below showing the location of the old burial ground, right where the tunnelers found it.

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