Thursday, 7 August 2014

Are you heir to a fabulous UK Estate?

Is your family name here? If so you could be in for a fortune.

These are names in the current UK Treasury Bona Vacantia list of Unclaimed Estates.

It includes historic listings so is well picked over by heir hunters in the UK, but you may have inside information they don't.

The following names were added to the list on Wednesday. John George Carvell; Barry Edward Flood; Joan Gooch; Mark Haliday; David Henning; Alice Charlette Hubbard; Olwyn Patricia Innes; Harry Claude Keeble; George Albert Matthewson, Irenie Smart-Buck; Elizabeth Irene Stewart; Andreas Theodorou; Jennifer Warner.

Go to to access the list which has additional information including birth and death dates and places.

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