Friday, 8 August 2014

WDYTYA UK series

I had a chance to watch the first in the new series of the BBC Who Do You Think You Are? featuring TV and film actress Julie Walters.
Having watched all the episodes in the current US series my first impression is what a pleasure it is to be able to watch without advertising interruptions. It must give the programme half as much again content.
The episode took her back to investigate her Catholic Irish ancestry. I thought we were going to hear again about the potato famine, but instead the episode focused on the 1880s and later when large Protestant landowners had absolute control over tenant farmers who could be thrown off the land they farmed for being in arrears with rent, or at the whim of the owner. The ancestor's story was used to illustrate the fight for greater rights, including by activist women, and eventually land ownership for the small tenant farmer.
At one point, when an ancestor was shown to have voted with the major landowner in denying outdoor relief, and subsequently taken up confiscated land, Julie Waters had a bit of an internal battle to rationalise her ancestor's actions.


The Chosen said...

Hello John,

Can you tell me where/how you watched WDYTYA UK Series in Canada?

Thanks Susan

JDR said...

Susan: The magic is through a virtual private network (VPN). There are several, just Google VPN, read the reviews and choose one that best meets your requirements. I've used two so can't comment on the rest but both of those worked well.