Thursday, 1 October 2015

Celebrate Library Month and support fair Ebook prices for libraries

I'm a strong believer in municipal library service - and a user. The following is a press release from the Ottawa Public Library.
Throughout the month of October, Canadians across our country will be celebrating libraries. From building communities and transforming lives to inspiring learning, sparking curiosity, and connecting people, libraries are pillars of our community. 
Every day this month, the Ottawa Public Library (OPL) will be showcasing a different service or item available to customers that they might not have known about. Follow OPL on Twitter and Facebook to find out more about what the Library can do for you. 
“I don’t think people realize all the amazing things they can access and do for free at their public library,” said Tim Tierney, Chair of the Ottawa Public Library Board and Councillor for Ward 11 Beacon Hill – Cyrville. “We want to raise awareness of our services so that everyone in Ottawa takes advantage of their local library.” 
For example, did you know you can stream music, movies and TV shows for free? Or that you can drop off your old batteries to get recycled at most branches? Maybe you weren’t aware that you can access free business services, where a specialist will meet with you one-on-one?
Celebrate Library Month, and support the campaign for fair Ebook prices for libraries.

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Gail B said...

As a former long-time librarian, now retired, I appreciate this post so much. People have skewed ideas about what librarians do, what training is required to be a professional librarian (an MLS degree) and the many different services libraries provide.

If the current Federal Government had not disembowelled (drawn and quartered) Library and Archives Canada (LAC)we would have an even better Cdn. library service. Interlibrary loans of microfilm for genealogists, gone. Research for historians now only if one pays to get to Ottawa. For shame, Harper government.