Thursday, 1 October 2015

Nenshi on Doing the Right Thing

For Canadians only:

If you're thinking none of the major party candidates are offering inspirational leadership in this federal election, and wondering if it's even possible, look to a more junior level of government. Listen to Naheed Nenshi, mayor of Calgary, in this broadcast from CBC Radio's Ideas. It's 55 minutes well spent.


Mike More said...

Excellent talk from a real leader. Nenshi was born in Canada but his parents were immigrants and this shows how important all Canadians are. Nobody knows where greatness will arise. Thanks.

JDR said...

This talk brought home to me that with dual nationality I'm now, as a result of Bill C-24, Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act, a second class citizen in a country I've called home for nearly 50 years. While I don't contemplate becoming a terrorist any time soon this bill is one step onto a slippery slope for us all.

Mike More said...

So are my wife and father-in-law who came here as refugees 50 years ago, as well as my daughter as Hungary considers the children of Hungarians as citizens. It also applies to two of my sister who were born in Germany while my Dad served there with the RCAF; Germany issued them birth certificates as did Canada. People may not even realize that they fall under Bill C-24: it applies to all who "have dual citizenship or the possibility of dual citizenship. Interestingly, one may not be aware of possessing a second citizenship. In some countries, as long as you are married to their citizen, or you have a parent or grandparent of that country, you are also a citizen of that country without applying or even knowing about it." It looks like I may be as well having married a naturalized Canadian.