20 October 2015

CEF Service Files Digitization: October update

As of 15 October, 203,393 of 640,000 files are available in the database. the latest box digitized is #2873, name: Eliot.
6,924 files have been digitized since the September update. At that rate it will take an additional 63 months to finish the project which will be complete in early 2021.


Gail B said...

Hi John

I can't figure out what CEF stands for. Tried to google the mnemonic, no idea still.
Can you help me out here, thanks

JDR said...

CEF = Canadian Expeditionary Force.

Arlene T. said...

John, any chance you knew the late Don Treble of Ottowa? I have matched to his DNA and am tying to find access to his tree. Long shot, but thought I'd ask

JDR said...

I'll see what I can find out Arlene.