Thursday, 22 October 2015

1939 National Register for England and Wales expected in November

According to this article from the BBC individual returns in England and Wales from the digitized register are expected to be released next month.

There is a 30 year gap in censuses for England and Wales between that of 1921, due to be released in 2022, and that of 1951 to be released in 2052. The 1941 census was never taken due to the war while the previous 1931 census was destroyed by a fire in 1942. The 29 September 1938 National Registration is a much anticipated gap filler.

Those younger than 100 today will have entries relating to them redacted for the 1939 Register release unless it's proved that they have died. How complete will that screening be? I expect my mother who died in England in 2012 will appear. Will I see my father who was likely at sea? Living in England for much of the war he should have been recorded, perhaps late registered, but he died overseas. He would have attained 100 in mid-November this year.

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