Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Deceased Online adds Hither Green Cemetery

Deceased Online has completed the full collection of burial and cremation records for the London Borough of Lewisham with the addition of Hither Green Cemetery near Catford.

The collection includes 83,000 names for Hither Green to 1999 and and another 63,000 for co-located Lewisham Crematorium for 1956 to 1995.

According to the book London Cemeteries by High Mellor and Brian Parsons the 65 acre Hither Green Cemetery, founded in 1873, "portrays as well as anywhere the richness of the 19th century cemetery and the vacuity of the 20th century counterpart." The former they describe as "a satisfying disarray which create the atmosphere of a country churchyard." For the latter they comment "any imaginative landscaping has been discouraged."

Deceased Online now has a total of 8 million records for the London area,.

To look forward to: "more records for a significant city in the East Midlands will be added to Deceased Online very soon."

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