Sunday, 4 October 2015

Ontario Burials on

CemSearch is described as "a comprehensive compilation of thousands of burial plots in hundreds of
cemeteries from around the area stretching as far north as Haliburton, east to Napanee, and West to Bowmanville."

With 381,895 cemetery transcriptions there's a good chance of finding a person of interest buried in this 10 county area.

I'd have to classify this as a hidden gem. A useful improvement would be a list of cemeteries (even if only the major ones) and/or communities covered  so they could be captured by Google.

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Susan Jensen said...

Hi John: This comment's not related to above. Check out Tom Clark's interview with Charlotte Gray on 'The West Block' - she is calling for funding for archives and has much to say about our loss of history...very relevant to we genealogists! Cheers, Susan Jensen