Friday, 11 May 2007

Adding "Genealogy Reviews Online" to my links

There's a new genealogy blog around, Genealogy Reviews Online. It seems to be new anyway. I like what I've seen so far. It deserves more than eight confirmed readers so I've added it to my links, over on the right. They are all worthwhile stops.

The recent item that took me there, also blogged by several others, is about what appears to be rather heavy-handed legal action on the part of I won't repeat the details, that's why there are links.

It seems a bit rich when Ancestry has no qualms about appropriating other people's information, notably postings to Rootsweb World Connect, and then selling the work to Ancestry subscribers without permission. As I understand it, facts cannot be the subject of copyright, but appropriating the assembly of those facts, as in a gedcom, seems rather dubious practice. It's a shame, as Ancestry have so much going for them. Companies often list goodwill as an asset, I now have rather less of that toward the company.

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Tim Agazio said...


Thanks for mentioning my blog and linking it to yours. You are officially my 9th reader!

Tim Agazio