Tuesday, 29 May 2007

If you can't get in to my presentations ...

By some misfortune two other speakers share the same two time slots as me on both Saturday and Sunday at the Ontario Genealogical Society Seminar; and they're both well worth hearing.

Sharon Murphy is well known to OGS Seminar audiences as well as being a Past Chair of the Ontario Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists. I recall her giving a hilarious presentation several years ago in Ottawa. This time her topics are: "Learn the Secret and not so Secret Rules about BMD Records in Ontario and How to Use Them" on Saturday, and "Things that will make your Genealogy Road Trip Successful" on Sunday.

Less well known across the Province, but very well respected locally, is Hugh Reekie. Just last weekend one especially enthusiastic person thanked him at the end of a talk and called him a genius. Perhaps that was a bit overboard, but I always learn something from Hugh and have no hesitation in recommending his talks: "The Development of the Lower Ottawa River 1790-1910" on Saturday, and "City & Trade Directories on the Internet" on Sunday. Explore Hugh's interests further from the BIFHSGO member links page.

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