29 July 2008

Does Cuil cut it for genealogy?

There was a disturbance in the Internet cosmos yesterday when Cuil, a much hyped search engine, came on the scene. How does it compare with other search engines for genealogy?

For a realistic test I searched Northwood and Pattingham together, an uncommon family name in a small English village.

The search on Google delivered pages on british-genealogy.com/forums/, boards.ancestry.com/surnames and ancestry.co.uk/facts/

Live Search found
ancestry.com/​facts/, findaproperty.com/ and drive-alive.co.uk/

Ask's top three hits were museumstuff.com/family-history, ancestry.com/facts and www.sog.org.uk/prc/

Cuil delivered dateclick.co.uk, a naturalist.com and another page from dateclick.

The three results delivered by Google and Ask are clearly more relevant to a genealogy search with Live search trailing and Cuil entirely missing the mark.

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