12 July 2008

More than 60 genealogy courses starting each month

Is a lack of knowledge holding back your progress in researching your family history? Perhaps a particular topic, or country far removed from where you live, has suddenly begun to feature in your family tree and you need specialized knowledge.

You can always buy a book, but some folks learn better through an interactive educational experience. While you can often find beginner level genealogy instruction at local Board of Education evening classes, community colleges or your local family history society, you will be very lucky to find the specialized course you seek.

Fortunately the help you seek can be as near as your Internet capable computer.

One source is the National Institute for Genealogical Studies, affiliated with the Professional Learning Centre, Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto, which offers many courses each month.

NIGS is the oldest established online genealogy education organization. Thousands of people have improved their research skills, while enjoying the benefits of the time flexibility available by taking web-based courses.

There are courses at the basic, intermediate and advanced levels. Some of the advanced level courses scheduled in August are:

Canadian: Military Records
Canadian: Newspaper Records
English: Education, Health & Contemporary Documents
English: Taxes, Lists, Business, Electoral & Insurance Records
Genealogy and Copyright Guidelines
Genetics and Genealogy
Irish: Court Records, State Papers, Parliamentary Documents
Irish: Immigration, Naturalization & Emigration Records
Irish: Military, Naval & Pension Records
Librarianship: Cooperative Ventures and Referrals
Palaeography: Reading & Understanding Historical Documents
US: Court Records
US: Newspaper Records
US: Occupational Records

Find out about subscribing to a package of courses and earning a Certificate in Genealogical Studies by visiting www.genealogicalstudies.com

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