16 July 2008

WDYTYA Complaint

This article reports on Mr Wayne Coady, styled as spokesperson for the Injured and Abused Workers Coalition, who wrote to the CBC Ombudsman about the genealogy program Who Do You Think You Are? He complains that the CBC spent taxpayers money so they (the featured celebrities) could learn about "their" family background.

He argues the money could be better spent investigating the operations of the workman's compensation system.

Most operations of government can stand scrutiny. CBC already broadcasts a substantial amount of flagship public affairs programs. Mr Coady's concern is really that they don't choose to investigate his topic of concern.

So why does he hit on one of the corporation's few heritage and history related programs, and do so in such a lame brained way? If the CBC had just wanted to spend money so that the chosen few could learn about their family history they wouldn't need to turn them into TV programs. They did. I and many people I know enjoyed the programs and the insight they gave into the diverse backgrounds of a cross section of Canadians. We learn about this country through its people.

There is an extended list of other programs I'd happily see axed, but it includes areas that Mr Coady probably wouldn't want to take on. As a public broadcaster the CBC is obligated to meet a spectrum of viewer interests. I accept that many won't appeal to my viewing preferences.

Singling out for such unjustified criticism one of the pitifully small number of programs CBC runs on history and heritage does nothing to help the corporation find a balance of good programming.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr. Coady. Why should the CBC a National Broadcasdter be used to finance "former CBC " associates family connections.

I think Wayne's point was the CBC has lost its way and needs to review the way it spends our taxes... yes the CBC should be investigating government corrupt bad faith laws and actions.

Anonymous said...

The CBC seems to have fallen in line with the way the present political party is governing as they do when the Liberals are in power.

For a National taxpayer funded broadcaster, one would think that the CBC would be acting more like a watch dog ....looking out for the public interest.

I do not think Wayne Coady just wants the CBC to cover the plight of injured workers and the bad faith legislation they are forced to live under, but wants the CBC do look into why the "governments" keep such an abusive law on the books of the people governments.

This abusive bad faith law does not only disenfranchise the injured worker, but harm the well being of the children of injured workers.

Tom Arthur
Halifax Nova Scotia