23 August 2008

The not so good old days

My high speed connection is down and I'm reliving the olden days of dial-up. Expet light blogging until its fixed. In the meantime I'll contemplate the remainder of the new databases promised by TGN (Ancestry) CEO Tim Sullivan in a posting back in May, and in particular:

  • Canadian Passenger Lists (1865-1935) – 8 million names of immigrants and other travelers arriving to Quebec and other major ports during that timeframe.
  • Inbound UK Passenger Lists (1878-1960) – 20 million names of those passengers traveling to the UK.

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BDM said...

Regarding the partnership with LAC and Canadian passenger lists, Ancestry will make its announcement on 16 September at an event to be held at the City of Toronto Archives. One might wonder in passing why LAC in Ottawa was not the venue, but one hears that Ancestry is establishing an office in Toronto.